Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Todd's 35th Birthday

Todd is probably not going to like that I've actually posted his age...but while he may not like the fact that he's 35, his birthday on Jan 31st was definitely worth celebrating! He's accomplished and given us so much with each passing year...he's a sweet, smart, successful, caring, and wonderful man that provides, spoils, and loves his family! I am so fortunate to call him my husband, best friend, and daddy to our girls!

We love you, Todd. Happy Birthday!

Gracie and I HAD to pick out the biggest balloon!

That's love...letting his girl open his gifts!
(Notice the tongue - Apple on Left, Tree on Right!)

Decorating the cake!
G started to sort the sprinkles
(she's all about sorting colors) but
I gently suggested that there might be too many!

Sprinkles on top???
Why not push them in instead!

Of course she HAD to lick the icing off her fingers!
She gets that from me!

More Sprinkles.

Very excited about Daddy's birthday!
She is such a happy girl!
Have I mentioned that I adore & love, love, love her!?!

Thinking about sampling some icing!

With a sweet face like this...
she can have anything she wants.

Melts my heart!

Forget starting rice cereal...let's go with icing!
(Yep, definitely more relaxed this time around).
Apple below - loved the icing...Tree taking the picture!

One sprinkle at a time was taking a little too long.
Let's go with a handful!

Hello, Apple!

Nothing better than a big pile o' sprinkles!

And the sorting & arranging continues...
with the candles!
This OCD she gets from me.

How about putting them here?

Me: "Okay, are we ready to light the candles and sing?"

G: "Not yet...just until I...do the candles."

"Just until I....fill in the blank."
Seems to be her trademark phrase these days.

and so is...

"But why?"

Patiently waiting!

Continuing to rearrange the candles
and sample some icing.

Me: "Ready?"
G: "Not yet, Mommy...just until I...get these in."

Me: "Now?"
G: "Not yet, just until I..."

Me: "That looks perfect. Let's light the candles & sing!"

Make a wish!

YAY!!! Happy Birthday!


AIM said...

Happy Birthday, Todd!

Ashlee said...

Happy Bday Todd - looked like y'all had an amazing party and delicious cake!