Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gracie's Adirondack

We couldn't wait to see Gracie sitting in her new chair out in our new backyard!
Thanks to Kurt for Gracie's pink Patagonia vest - isn't she adorable!  Kurt bought this vest for Gracie a few days after she was born - we love seeing her wear it and really think it's cute that he picked it out especially for her.   

Also, thanks to Nicole and Chip for sending Gracie this pink plaid button shirt from Talbot's.  It is perfect for the fall and layering in the winter!  She looks so pretty!  We also love the sweater too.

We would love to know what she's thinking about...

Daddy, will you buy me a boat?  

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Mom and Dad said...

Too cute!!! We loved seeing Miss Gracie sitting in her new Adirondack chair in her "styling" outfit! She is absolutely precious! We cannot wait to sit on your new back deck and enjoy that incredible view!

Mom and Dad