Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Tub

Tucker has moved 11 times in his almost 9 years.  Poor guy!  While the towns and houses changed - the one thing that is always the same - the bath tub.  It's been Tucker's security and this is where I found him in our new house.  

The soaking tub in my new bathroom made for a great make-shift crib while the movers were unloading all of our things.  I put Gracie's changing pad down with a few pillows and walla!  She took 2 decent naps during our moving hectic day (the moving truck got stuck at the entrance to the private lane off the main road - had traffic down to one lane from 8-9 am - had to be towed out and a smaller truck had to come from an hour away to shuttle furniture from the big truck to the house while it was pouring down rain and windy - awesome!).  


Mom & Dad said...

We loved the "moving day" pictures! The picture of Gracie sleeping in the bathtub is priceless! We also know that Tucker seems to have found his "peace and soltice" in the bathtub too!
Moving has certainly been another "adventure" for you all - so glad you are moved in and almost settled into your beautiful new home! We cannot wait to see it - we love and miss you all very much!!
Lots of love,
Mom & Dad (BeBe & Papa!!)

Jeannie said...

what a GREAT idea!!! so cute!

Lisa said...

If that isn't a precious sleeping baby, I don't know what is!! Can't wait to see pics of the house when you're all settled. It sounds amazing!