Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Why do there always have to be issues when moving?  I thought I was on top of things by calling way in advance to schedule an appointment to connect our phone, internet and cable on the evening we moved in - well, the technician came and said they couldn't run the lines to the house.  So on Saturday, we decided our only option was to go with satellite TV, another phone company, and DSL internet.  We got the phone and internet today (YAY!) but we won't have cable until Oct. 16th - ugh!  It may be a good thing - I won't be distracted by TV and I'll get all the boxes unpacked (but I will be distracted by email, blogging, and Facebook)!

Here are some cute pictures from the last few days.  

By the Way....
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new rental house - it is absolutely amazing - once we're settled - I'll post pictures of the house and water views.  When are you coming to visit???

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