Saturday, October 11, 2008


This past week Gracie has started to show her displeasure by snorting.  It's so funny and fair warning before she fusses or cries.  She crinkles her little nose and pouts her lip and then huffs and puffs - hopefully she won't be in this phase for too long.  Can you imagine a toddler tantrum with snorting too?

This is during her bath - guess she didn't want to be washed and only wanted to splash!  She is definitely a girl who knows what she wants and usually gets it (wonder who she gets that from).  

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BeBe and PaPa said...

"And she crinkles her nose, then she wiggles her toes..." (I think that's how the song goes!) Gracie, why are you snorting during your bath? You are such a cutie pie...BeBe and PaPa miss and love you very much!

Lots of love,
BeBe and PaPa XXOO