Friday, October 1, 2010

Almost Up-to-Date

If you're still checking in on us....Thank you!!!

My help has is a sad day...but I am forever grateful to my mom and Todd's mom for helping me adjust over the last month to my new life as a Mommy of 2 beautiful, sweet little girls!

Gracie decided that today was a no nap day - I'm hoping she's not going to give up naps entirely ... I still need to nap...I mean, I still need her to nap. Maybe we'll at least have a nap every other day but keep your fingers crossed for every day (for my sake and everyone else's).

So, today is your lucky day (...I guess, if checking this blog is fun you). While Delaney was napping in her swing and Gracie was playing and watching her favorite shows, I've updated the blog with lots of pictures that I've taken over the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy them!

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