Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Delaney's 1st Bottle

I think feeding a baby is such a special, cuddly time and I really want Todd to have those moments with Delaney. It's so sweet when she looks up out of the corner of her eye while eating and gives the cutest little smile...I want Todd to see those little smiles.

Todd and Gracie tried to give Delaney her 1st bottle on Sunday, Oct. 24th. I was so excited for them to feed her and I was really proud that I was able to pump 4 oz for her. I struggled with pumping enough for Gracie...turns out I didn't have the right size attachments for my pump when I pumped for her.

These pictures don't show it but...there were no smiles on Sunday. Delaney hated the bottle! She seemed so confused and got so upset. I guess I'm not too surprised...she's nursed exclusively and really well for her whole life, all 7 weeks of it!

She wasn't too sure about her pacifier the first several times it was offered and it looks like the bottle will be the same. We'll keep trying. But next time, I won't pump as much because I didn't have anything left to give or comfort her when the bottle attempt failed. It was a fussy few hours for her...poor baby! Wish us luck for next time. I really need for her to take a bottle on occasion.

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Katie said...

Bowman was the same way! I went through a billion bottles and he finally accepted the old standby: the Playtex nurser! He didn't take one until 5 weeks...and he never took a pacy. Craig tried to push it, but I was secretly thrilled. I loved when Porter had his pacy as a baby but was secretly thrilled when we tossed them all at age 2!! Bowman found other ways to comfort himself...namely his 2 stuffed bears.