Friday, October 1, 2010

Gracie's 1st Manicure

Gracie went to Delaney's check-up with us and got her 1st flu shot. She was very brave and only cried for a few seconds - I was so proud of her. As a special treat, she got her 1st Manicure at Dollin' It Up Girls Spa!!! It's such a cute little spa...just for little girls!

When asked what color nail polish she wanted -
she gave her "I don't know shoulder shrug".
How cute is that little spa robe!?!

Watching things get set-up

Getting Excited!

Guess who likes it!

Gotta love a good mani!

A little hand & arm massage.

I think I have a spa buddy!

Little Diva!

Admiring her pretty nails!

Flowers and sparkles!
(the flowers only lasted a few hours until she picked them off)

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