Friday, October 1, 2010

Tubbie Time

After Delaney's 1st bath at home, I quickly realized that I am NOT a fan of plastic baby bath tubs - they're too hard, hold little water, and are really awkward to use.

So, I've found our perfect alternative...our laundry room sink! I hope Delaney won't develop 2nd child syndrome (a diagnosis I made up for feeling guilty that she's getting a bunch of hand-me-downs, because her nursery is yet to be finished, and NOW she's having to bathe in laundry room)!

She seems to love it, unlike when she had her 1st bath in the legitimate baby tub - but that could have been because big sister was "helping"). So...her baths will continue to be in laundry room sink and after big sister goes to bed because we don't really need the extra help (no offense G).

If she could talk -
"Seriously? The laundry room sink!
It's because I'm the 2nd child, isn't it?"

Well...this isn't so bad after all!

Just chillaxin'

Warming up on her white Night-Night blanket!

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