Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Sweat Shop

As if helping me with Gracie and Delaney wasn't enough...Lee went above and beyond to sew 6 lined curtain panels for me. I dubbed our dining the room the "sweat shop" because she was determined to finish 1 panel a day - not an easy task when she was also entertaining Gracie and helping with Delaney when she was fussy.

Child Labor in the Sweat Shop.

One panel a day - no problem!
With Gracie's foot on the pedal, they were sewing FAST.

Family Room.

Delaney's Room.
I absolutely love the way they turned out!
I am forever grateful to Lee for making them!
Thank you so much!!!


AIM said...

Wow, those are GORGEOUS! : ) I especially like the ones in the dining room. Very nice! xo

Katie said...

Love the fabric in Delaney's room!!! Hey -- I need your new address for a little gifty!!! :)