Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

This Easter has been so much fun!   We saw the Easter Bunny earlier in the week and had our family picture taken (to be scanned and posted later).  We took Gracie to her first Egg Hunt at Quispamsis Arts and Culture Park, along with hundreds of other families; she had a blast picking up the little chocolate eggs and putting them in her basket and even put a few in some other kids' baskets too.  Saturday night Todd engineered Gracie's first tree swing...he said his cable configuration is able to support over 1000 lbs while the tree limb itself might hold 200 lbs!  We loved pushing Gracie in her swing while we enjoyed an unbelievable sunset in shades of pinks, purples, and orange.  

The Easter Bunny was very good to Gracie this year.  He brought her a wooden Bead Maze Table that has an animal puzzle under the beads, cut out openings for shapes and a clock on the sides.  He also left her adorable basket filled with Elmo's World "Pets" DVD, a chocolate bunny (from Prague, Czech Republic), a sippy cup, and a spoon, fork, plate set.  Gracie quickly learned how to unwrap her chocolate covered eggs - ummm, yummy goodness!

The Easter Bunny also left a few treats for us.  He left Todd a new hammer and had downloaded the new Rascall Flatts and Keith Urban CDs from iTunes, and, of course, candy.  He left me lots and lots and lots of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (thanks to my mom for sending those to the bunny to deliver to me).  

Gracie was also spoiled by her grandparents.  Todd's parents recorded a sweet message on a card for her.  She loved opening the envelope and listening to their words and Willie Nelson's "You Were Always on My Mind" song (thank you).  My parents sent her 2 adorable onezies, a pink sweater, a pink bunny, a Find the Easter Eggs lift the flap book, and a new toy phone, which she loves (thank you).  It's so cute watching her walk around with the phone turned backwards but up to her ear.  

We went to brunch at our Country Club with 4 of our friends (I'm bummed I forgot to have a picture taken of all of us at the table)!  We had a delicious meal - it really was amazing!  Gracie did really well during brunch and enjoyed her own private chocolate egg hunt at the club - there was no competition so she could walk along find an egg, unwrap it, eat it and then move on to the next  - we think she had about 4 chocolate eggs while we were chatting with our friends.  

We still have to dye our easter eggs when she wakes up from her nap and upload several videos we've taken this weekend.  Until then - enjoy the picture montage.  Happy Easter from Canada! 


Ashlee said...

I have seriously not been to your blog in ages - it looks great! So many posts! Gracie is quite the dresser, walker, eater, and cutie pie! I can't wait to come visit in August and get to see her in action. Hope all is well and that you had a very Happy Easter!
Love you

Lisa said...

Gracie just gets cuter with every montage! LOVE her Easter dress. Looks like the Easter Bunny was very good to the Lee Household!