Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pajamma Day

It's rainy and foggy and we don't have anywhere we have to be, so we're enjoying being in our pjs all day!  Thanks to the rain, fog, and 50 degree temp - the snow is melting and the river is thawing (just keep your fingers crossed that the river doesn't flood our basement)!

 She pulled all of her toys out and climbed in.

Pretending to make mac 'n cheese.

Wiping off her chair after lunch.


More Drawing.

Love this girl!


Lori said...

Hooray for PJ days! Almost every day is PJ day around here. Lunch time often rolls around and Hannah will announce, "Hey, we never got dressed." Guess that's why all my PJ's have bleach and paint stains on them (housework and projects).

Gracie is a cutie in her basket!

Alyson said...

PJ days are the best! Especially with super cute pj's like Gracie's!!!

Bev said...

Love your new background! You are so creative! Aren't PJ days fun...I am so jealous!! I would love to stay home from work and hang out with you and Gracie in PJ's all day long! Miss and love you all very much!