Monday, April 6, 2009

Car Seat Safety

We put Gracie in her "big girl" convertible car seat in October when she was 8 months old .  I always thought that when she turned a year old that it would be time to make the BIG switch and turn it, and therefore, her,  forward.  Well, she's now almost 14 months and is still riding rear facing in her car seat and will be for awhile.  

Why?  You might ask.  

Because of this heartbreaking and informative video (thanks, Ingrid for telling me about it).  

Simply put, it is just safer for babies/toddlers to ride rear facing for as long as possible according to their car seat safety recommendations.  Turning a year old and weighing 20 lbs is the minimum requirement.  As for Gracie, she'll be riding backward until she reaches 35 lbs or until her head passes the top of her car seat (49 inches long).  

I did get permission from Joel's Grandpa to post this video.  

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Jennifer said...

I always thought the same thing about the requirements!! Last week I had the opportunity to have a certified car seat specialist come and evaluate/check our car seat installment and she gave us that nugget of very helpful info (along with lots of education)!! Anderson will ride rear-facing as long as possible as well!