Friday, April 3, 2009

Elmo's World, Baby Einstein, Sesame St

Gracie has discovered and fallen in love 
with her little DVD collection.   

If I have the TV on - she'll go stand in front of it, 
point up to the DVD player, and make noises - 
I think she's saying, "Mommy would you please start my video please?" 

Here she is enjoying Baby Neptune.
She'll watch for about 15 minutes by herself 
then she wants some company or to go play.  
We'll definitely be getting some more videos soon 
because I'm getting a little tired of the same 
ones over and over again.  


Katie said...

HA HA! Soon you will discover that she WANTS to watch the same thing OVER AND OVER! They all go through this will have some videos memorized by heart. But if it means you get 15-20 minutes of alone time, it's so worth it...seriously, what did our parents do without this marvelous invention!?!?!?

Nicole Swannack said...

So cute! If you're in the market for some new video you may try out "Blue's Clues." Charlotte LOVES this show. She brings us over the remote and says "Boo Pease."

Jeff, Katie and Gabby said...

Gracie is a girl after my own heart! I(we)LOVE Elmo and Sesame Strett and Baby Einstein! It is so good for language and cognitive skills and I actually enjoy watching it too sometimes! Wait until you have to buy the Sesame Street characters to go along with the shows. Oh and then she will want to sleep with them at nap and bedtime too! I love it! Gracie is so incredibly cute sitting on the couch watching her little movies!