Friday, April 17, 2009

Shoe Obsession

How long before she wants a pair of Manolo's?

Love these!!!

Which pair go better with her diaper?
The black or brown?  


Jeff, Katie and Gabby said...

Wherever did you get those shoes!?! Gabby has to have a pair just like Gracie's! Just like she had to have the cow print sleeper like Gracie too. We love Gracie's wardrobe!

Kelly said...

Hey Katie!

I found these shoes at Once Upon a Child - a children's 2nd hand store. They're Gymboree, in great condition and only cost $8.50!!! I got her 2 other pairs - an adorable red flat with red/white polka dot ribbon by Janie & Jack for $5.50 and those pink boots that she wore in "These Boots are Made for Walking" video - they were only $1.50!!! HA! I couldn't believe the cute things I found and how cheap they were!

Definitely check out the website and see where a store is near you.

If you can't find one and don't mind 2nd hand things, let me know and when I'm in SC I'll look for some things for Gabby. Just let me know her shoe and clothes size.