Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Sugar Shack

We ventured out to Elmhurst Outdoors with our friends Katie and Dave for a pancake brunch and a tour of how maple tree sap is turned into maple syrup.  We had so much fun!

The 5 minute ferry from Quispamsis to Kingston.

Icy Kennebacsis River

New Brunswick, Canada is the 3rd largest producer of maple syrup.  Quebec is #1 and Vermont is #2.  

Maple Tree with 2 Taps

Close-up of the Sap Bucket
The best conditions for sap to flow 
are cold nights and warm days.

Sap (dripped in 24 hours)

The Sugar Shack
(that's fog and steam from the evaporator inside)

The Evaporator
The sap has to be boiled to turn to syrup

Sap is 39 parts water and 1 part syrup.
Or 39 bottles of water needs to be 
evaporated to get one bottle of syrup.

Sugar on Snow
(recipe link at end of post)
A hollowed maple tree was filled with snow and hot maple syrup (235 degrees F) was poured onto the snow.  We waited for 30 seconds and then got to roll our popsicle stick to make Maple Syrup Taffy.  

So Yummy!

More please.

Dave and Katie

Here's a recipe for Maple Syrup Taffy if you ever get some fresh snow and want to try a unique, yummy winter treat.

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Jody said...

Cool! We get fresh snow in Rochester (OK, not in July, but I'll save the ideas for next winter. I'm a little behind in catching up on your blog.) Gracie is SO cute. I'm so glad we got to see her at Shelley's wedding.