Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Playing on the Deck

It is still cold and windy but we bundled up to play out on the deck for a little while this afternoon.  Gracie loves being outside and had a blast picking up all the little bitty pine cones (and nibbled on several too).  

Have I mentioned that we are beyond ready for spring?  I can't wait to store our coats and pull out our summer clothes to play in the grass and on the beach!   If I know Gracie, I bet we'll be outside more than we are inside this summer.

Looking out at the river.

The water is rising!

The ice is breaking up and melting.

Wishing he could go swimming.  Soon buddy!

We love the reversible dog/cat hat from Aunt Katie

Picking up a pine cone.  Check out her kicks!

Almost running.

Spitting out a piece of pine cone.  

Sweet Tucker and the last bit of snow.

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