Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Snowsuit

I am so jealous of the warm that our family and friends are enjoying in the South!  I sigh every time I check a friend's blog and I see pictures of everyone in short sleeve shirts.  Oh!  I can't wait for warm days.  

So you can't tell from the pictures but we had snow all day yesterday!  Big FAT beautiful flakes - that didn't stick because the ground was too warm (thank goodness).  While I was bummed that it was snowing AGAIN, I was relieved that it wasn't pouring rain because the river is high enough!  

I bundled Gracie up (hopefully for the last time) in her adorable snowsuit (that won't fit for much longer - sniff, sniff)!  We took a little walk up the lane to deliver a homemade coffee cake and chocolate bunnies to our nice neighbors!

We bundled up again this afternoon (no snowsuit and no picture proof) to use her new tree swing...  snuggled in a fleece and jacket and covered with a blanket.  I pushed her for about 3 minutes.  The wind was too much and we went back inside.  I mean, come on - a blanket to use the swing?  Seriously, spring needs to hurry up and come to Canada!